About Puerto Rico as a Local

We design every experience like we were the adventurer.

One of the greatest things about traveling is not only exploring new and unknown places, but immersing in a unique culture, getting to know the people, the gastronomy and the history behind every visited destination.

We want to offer you a local experience and an unforgettable tour. To discover the many beauties of Puerto Rico in a fun and safe way. To understand and embrace the culture, enjoy nature and make you feel like you are traveling with a friend.



Amazing places not found in other companies. We constantly explore new destinations to provide a unique journey every time.


Our passion is reflected in everything we do. We truly provide a customized and personal service so you can discover and enjoy PR as much as we do.


We focus more on adventure and exploration of our natural resources, while having a great time on the outdoors.

More than

We offer experiences that allows you to connect with nature, immerse in the culture and understand our history, while being treated as a family member.

About Me

“I am in love with Puerto Rico. I truly enjoy our rich culture, our diverse cuisine, the warmth of our residents and the amazing natural resources we are blessed with.”

Being an avid traveler, I always look for an authentic experience; not only enjoying the country’s landscape, but the uniqueness of the culture. And the more I traveled, the more I understood how fortunate and amazing was to live in this paradise and having everything you can imagine so accessible. So, after many years of developing a career as a marketing manager in the corporate world, I decided it was time to follow my true passion…my beautiful Puerto Rico.


For over seven years I have been a certified Tour Guide and dedicated my time to discover new places and learn more about my home country. Today, I have become an active ambassador of Puerto Rico promoting the touristic destinations of the island, not only to visitors, but also locals, through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, weekly radio segments and bi-weekly appearances on the top local morning news.